[DNS] To all concerned about the "Domain Renewal Scam"

[DNS] To all concerned about the "Domain Renewal Scam"

From: Larry Bloch <larry.bloch§netregistry.au.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 11:31:45 +1000

If we really want to do something about this matter I suggest we stop
debating what can be done and join together in adopting the following joint
action plan, to act in the best interests of our customers. It is vital for
the Internet industry to take a leadership position and demonstrate support
for good industry standards. I suggest you:

1. Read the open letter to Prof. Gerrand below
2. Add your name to the bottom clearly indicating your company name and
3. Email it to larry&#167;netregistry.com.au
4. Forward this email to anyone you believe would want to add their name to
the list.

I will :
a.	collect all the signatories to the Open Letter.
b.	lobby  AUDA to get their support and co-signature.
c.	forward the letter with all the co signatories and a copy of the scam
letter to Prof. Gerrand.
d.	forward the letter with all the co signatories and a copy of the scam
letter  to  about journalists who have an interest in domain name issues
e.	forward the letter with all the co signatories and a copy of the scam
letter to the ACCC and the Federal Police.

We can do something about this if we act together. Expecting someone else to
sort this out isn't going to happen. You have my commitment to ensure that
this matter receives wide visibility to assist in the protection of all our
customers. We have a duty of care to those customers, s we are part of the
chain that resulted in their contact details being publicly available, as I
see it.

Our action can have the desired effect of (1) protecting the interests of
our customers (2) curtailing the activities of "Internet Name Protection"
(3) chastising MIT for not showing leadership and not acting responsibly (4)
sending a clear signal to other elements who may contemplate similar
schemes. For this to happen, it is vital that you take action NOW by adding
your name to this Open Letter.


Professor Peter Gerrand
Melbourne IT
Level 2, 120 King Street,
Melbourne Victoria 3000

4 August 2000

OPEN LETTER regarding the "Domain Renewal Scam".

We, the undersigned, are aware of the activities of Internet Name
Protection - a licensed INA Channel Partner -  and consider their activities
to be contrary to the best interests of responsible governance of the .au
domain name space. We believe domain owners are being given misleading and
misrepresentative information, and are being overcharged as a result. This
activity is damaging the business of your existing channel partners and is
harming the reputation of the domain registration industry and the Internet
in Australia.

We are dismayed at the lack of action by Melbourne IT in addressing this
matter and your implicit support of this activity. Your lack of action
endorses this business behaviour, and we consider it imperative that you
take a stance on the matter. Whilst their activities may not be illegal,
swift comment by industry players is the only way to set the ground rules on
what is acceptable and what is not. In a relatively new industry such as the
Internet, the legal system can take some time to protect consumers, and in
this vacuum, curbing irresponsible business practices are the responsibility
of industry leaders.

We believe that the industry should stand together as one in condemning this
practice to send a clear signal that such business ethics are not
acceptable, and call on you to take appropriate  visible action to prevent
Internet Name Protection  from continuing their misleading activities.

Larry Bloch, CEO, NetRegistry

Please reply to larry&#167;netregistry.com.au with your name, company and
position to indicate you wish to be a co-signatory.
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