Re: [DNS] To all concerned about etc.

Re: [DNS] To all concerned about etc.

From: Don Cameron <dcameron§>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 18:40:10 +1000
Dear list members,

A few days ago I expressed some natural concerns after paying an account to
one company (Internet Name Protection), in the belief that I was in fact
paying another company (INA). I only realised this following postings to
this list - and my sincere thanks to the membership for providing this

In my attempts to rectify this matter, I remain dissatisfied with the
response from both companies concerned, however I do acknowledge that this
was my error. Had I read the invoice correctly, I would not have paid the
company Internet Name Protection.

Pending reimbursement of any monies charged against us by Internet Name
Protection, we will not be persuing this matter further.

There are many aspects of Internet Domain management that we (our company)
feel could be improved, and include educating the community on the benefits
of the domain name space over .com sub-domains represented as a
viable alternative. We will continue to work towards improving the
domain name space as far as our influence permits.

Don Cameron
Coolah District Telecentre.
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