RE: [DNS] Internet Names Protection

RE: [DNS] Internet Names Protection

From: Larry Bloch <larry.bloch§>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:04:06 +1000


I have copied the full list of signatories below in this email.

After collating the response to the Open Letter, I mailed this of to Peter
Gerrand on Friday last week. He had been aware of the letter and its support
prior to that.

In response to this community effort, Melbourne IT issued a statement
indicating that they had approached the company concerned and requested they
cease their activity in this area or be discontinued as a Channel Partner.

I note that faxes from Internet Domain Protection have not ceased, so
presumably Melbourne IT will take action in due course. What would be useful
is if we collect any further evidence of continued faxing by Internet Domain
protection and fax them to Prof. Gerrand to assist them in monitoring any
continued abuse.

I also had lengthy discussions with members of the AUDA Board, who felt it
inappropriate for AUDA to co-sign the Open Letter. Perhaps AUDA would like
to indicate to this list why this was the case, but under the circumstances
it is understandable.

I also submitted the Letter to a number of Journalists and the matter has
been printed up in the Australian and The Age.

Below is the Open letter.

------------OPEN LETTER-------
Professor Peter Gerrand
Melbourne IT
Level 2, 120 King Street,
Melbourne Victoria 3000

4 August 2000

Dear Sir

OPEN LETTER regarding the "Domain Renewal Scam".

We, the undersigned, are aware of the activities of Internet Name
Protection - a licensed INA Channel Partner -  and consider their activities
to be contrary to the best interests of responsible governance of the .au
domain name space. We believe domain owners are being given misleading and
misrepresentative information, and are being overcharged as a result. This
activity is damaging the business of your existing channel partners and is
harming the reputation of the domain registration industry and the Internet
in Australia.

We are dismayed at the lack of action by Melbourne IT in addressing this
matter and your implicit support of this activity. Your lack of action
endorses this business behaviour, and we consider it imperative that you
take a stance on the matter. Whilst their activities may not be illegal,
swift comment by industry players is the only way to set the ground rules on
what is acceptable and what is not. In a relatively new industry such as the
Internet, the legal system can take some time to protect consumers, and in
this vacuum, curbing irresponsible business practices are the responsibility
of industry leaders.

We believe that the industry should stand together as one in condemning this
practice to send a clear signal that such business ethics are not
acceptable, and call on you to take appropriate  visible action to prevent
Internet Name Protection  from continuing their misleading activities.

Larry Bloch

Vasil Vasiliades
Export Mission Information Systems P/L

Jim Birch
Multinode Computing

Lee Sanders
Senior Network Engineer
Commerce Australia

Paul Galea
Beyond Net Pty Ltd

David Blears
"Closer To Home Systems"

Ken Joyce
The South Coast Professional Computing Centre

Luke Kee
Client Connections Co-Ordinator Pty. Ltd

Ron Read
Managing Director
Oakridge Computers

Raoul Wegat
Managing Director

Cliff Reardon
General Manager

Alastair Waddell
CEO p/l

Tony Brown
Network Administrator
Labyrinth Connections Pty Ltd

Peter Coburn
Managing Director
xcelNet Pty Ltd

Kenneth Brownsmith

Carol Avis
E-Commerce Director
Hot Chilli Media and Design

Dr Paul Brooks
APAC Regional Engineering
Global One Communications

John Mackerras
Desmac Computer Services

Chas Cleland
Web and Ecommerce Development

David Goldstein, Salzburg, Austria (david.goldstein&#167;

Steve Cummins
Shareholder & Director of Australian e-Commerce P/L
ClickOn (Australia) P/L

Michael Lacey
Techcel Computer Services Pty Limited

Tania Wickman
Sales Manager
Domain Registrations Pty Ltd

Justin Sullivan
Managing Director
JustNet Pty Ltd

Edward Hore

Vic Cinc
Connect Infobahn Australia

Gary Allpike
General Manager
Indigo Networks

Warren Marsden
Brisbane Internet Group Pty.Ltd.

Michael Harris
Winchester's Outpost

Hubert Wagner
IT Consultant
Credenza Pty Ltd

Doug Robb
Clarity Software Pty Ltd

Gaelyne Gasson
Web Administrator

Kerry Henry
Deputy Chairman & CEO
ClickOn Australia Pty Ltd

Lev Lafayette
State Field Officer
Parliamentary Labor Party (Victoria)

Dale Shaw
Systems Engineer
Select Approach Pty Ltd

Paul Foxworthy
Coherent Software Australia Pty Ltd

Anne Jessel
Coherent Software Australia Pty Ltd

Wayne Lawrence
Internet Services Pty Limited

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What's the latest on this scam?

Jim Birch

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