[DNS] FW: [Oz ISP] MelbourneIT - Unsolicited com.au Renewals (fwd)

[DNS] FW: [Oz ISP] MelbourneIT - Unsolicited com.au Renewals (fwd)

From: Rowe, Joshua <Joshua.Rowe§auspost.com.au>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 18:58:53 +1000
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I just though I'd pass this on...

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 10:15:52 +1000
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Subject: MelbourneIT - Unsolicited com.au Renewals

Dear Reseller
Recently, we have received reports from Resellers about approaches made to 
domain registrants by other parties soliciting renewal of their
We have been informed that these other parties were not the party who
the domain registration. 

Melbourne IT wishes to address these concerns directly with you as we
the seriousness of the matters raised and wish to reassure you that
IT is addressing these issues. 

There are trade practices restrictions on parties approaching registrants to

facilitate renewals, the most important being that the approach must not be 
misleading or deceptive. 

Melbourne IT is aware of cases where approaches to facilitate renewals have 
resulted in confusion over the identity and authority of the approaching 
party. Where Melbourne IT considers that such activities amount to, or are 
likely to amount to, misleading or deceptive conduct, Melbourne IT has taken

appropriate action in response to the activities.  It is not appropriate to 
telegraph such actions as they are a matter between Melbourne IT and the

Melbourne IT recognises the importance of having a clear policy which
the integrity of the domain name registration system with the rights of
who participate in the free market. The industry self regulatory body, auDA,

is presently considering these and other issues around the .au domain space.

Melbourne IT has already flagged its concerns to auDA and tabled an issues
with auDA suggesting that both organizations co-operate to work towards a
regulatory framework with regard to renewal practices and use of public

In terms of steps that you can take, it is important to educate registrants
to the cyclic nature of the domain registration process. Registrants need to

understand that domain creation dates and renewal dates are publicly
There is accordingly the potential for other parties with an interest in
the renewal of domain names to contact the domain name holder at any time
to their renewal date and seek to facilitate renewal on their behalf.  

It would also be appropriate for you to inform registrants who have obtained

their registration through you, that you will contact them prior to expiry
their domain names to assist with their renewal (if in fact you propose

Shortly, Melbourne IT will be circulating a new version of its standard
Agreement which we are asking all Australian Resellers to sign. It contains 
recently amended clauses designed to clarify some of the issues in relation
renewals, and to permit Resellers to use certain of Melbourne IT's trade
in the circumstances set out in the agreement. That new version has been in
since July 20, 2000.

We appreciate your co-operation in helping us address these issues which
in the continually developing environment of which we are all a part.  

If you wish to discuss these issues further, please don't hesitate to
Gideon Culican from Internet Names WorldWide on (03) 8624 2363. 


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