Re: [DNS] MelbourneIT - Unsolicited Renewals

Re: [DNS] MelbourneIT - Unsolicited Renewals

From: Don Cameron <dcameron§>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:15:20 +1000

We similarly received another fax from Internet Name Protection a few weeks
back, and once again... because it went directly to our accounts department
who I had advised to watch out for an invoice from either Internet Names
Australia or Click 'N Go (several of our Domains come up for renewal in a
few weeks), was very nearly paid... I'm getting a little tired of this...
maybe I should start invoicing them for the time we are wasting on this
practice of theirs.

Don Cameron
Coolah Telecentre

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> We also had an unsolicited letter from Internet Name Protection on or
> the 8th September.
> We are getting tired of this.
> Rgs,
> Cliff Reardon
> General manager
> Click'nGo!
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