Re: [DNS] thoughts on policy.

Re: [DNS] thoughts on policy.

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:42:13 +1000
Hi Aleks

David is just being nice.  He is letting you know that the policy you are
criticising is currently under review by a large panel of very capable
people.  Hi everyone <g>.

In fact this Naming Policy panel met the other day (I think Tuesday) in
Canberra to discuss policy changes to the domain naming system.  There is
another panel (reviewing Competition Policy) which met the next day.  I'm on
that other panel myself.   Information about both is on the website.

So (reading into David's words) what David is implying is that a possibly
"bad" policy doesn't have to stay that way because it's under review.  Of
course, that does not mean that anything will change because there may be
very serious technical or commercial considerations to keep it that way !!

In fact, the issues you've raised could well provide input to the panel.
So thank you for that.   And yes, this is the right place to raise them -
that's fine.

But we are all sure (at least I am) that the policy will be changed
significantly in some respects.  This is because there are several other
contentious issues apart from the one you raised  (ie 2-letter domain

Patrick Corliss

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> I had already mailed comments&#167; and got directed here. Is this the
> right place to put this?
> Regards,
> Aleks Huson
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> ] Hello,
> ]
> ] I'm writing to ask for opinions on the Connect policy in regards
> to
> ] their restriction on two letter domains. I recently attempted to
> 2
> ] two letter domain names, one for my own company, and one for a client. I
> was
> ] surprised and disappointed to learn that Connect will not allow you to
> ] register two *letter* domains. Close examination of the policy reveals
> (from
> ] as at 28th
> ] 2000):
> ]
> Please note that auDA's Name Policy Advisory Panel is currently reviewing
> domain name eligibility and name allocation policies for .au second level
> domains, including  Please see
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