RE: [DNS] thoughts on policy.

RE: [DNS] thoughts on policy.

From: Aleks Huson <aleks.huson§>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:24:56 +1100
I had already mailed comments&#167; and got directed here. Is this the
right place to put this?

Aleks Huson

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] Hello,
] I'm writing to ask for opinions on the Connect policy in regards
] their restriction on two letter domains. I recently attempted to register
] two letter domain names, one for my own company, and one for a client. I
] surprised and disappointed to learn that Connect will not allow you to
] register two *letter* domains. Close examination of the policy reveals
] as at 28th September
] 2000):

Please note that auDA's Name Policy Advisory Panel is currently reviewing
domain name eligibility and name allocation policies for .au second level
domains, including  Please see

 David Keegel    Secretary, auDA.   E-mail: <secretary&#167;>
auDA: .au Domain Administration.   Web site:

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