Re: [DNS] FW: Important Domain Name Renewal Information

Re: [DNS] FW: Important Domain Name Renewal Information

From: Jim Birch <jbirch§>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:52:31 +0800
If it's not a scam, I don't know what to call it.  The fax that INP send out
doesn't actually tell porkies but it does manage to hoodwink quite a few people
into paying too much for their domain registration while believing they are
dealing with their original registration agent at a standard price.  It relies
on the targets' unfamiliarity with what they are buying.

You might say "buyer beware" (etc), and it may be legal (all the best scams
are) but you can't really say it's not a "scam", in the ordinary sense of the
word.  You might as well say John Howard is an honest man.  We all know he
can't even talk about the Australian cricket team without talking in code.

Let's use straight talk on this list, at least!

Jim Birch

"Sherrard, Cameron" wrote:

> Do you honestly think that "Internet Name Protection" could continue
> business if the ACCC considered their processes a scam ? How close are you
> to this to classify it a scam ?
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> MelbIT's response to the Internet Name Protection "scam" ... ?
> Josh

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