RE: [DNS] FW: Important Domain Name Renewal Information

RE: [DNS] FW: Important Domain Name Renewal Information

From: Sherrard, Cameron <cameron.sherrard§>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 02:30:12 +0200
Do you honestly think that "Internet Name Protection" could continue
business if the ACCC considered their processes a scam ? How close are you
to this to classify it a scam ?

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Subject: [DNS] FW: Important Domain Name Renewal Information

MelbIT's response to the Internet Name Protection "scam" ... ?


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Subject: Important Domain Name Renewal Information

Dear Domain Name Registrant

This is a courtesy email to remind you that the licence of your domain name
[snip-snip] will be expiring in approximately 6 months time on the

One month prior to the expiry of your domain name, Melbourne IT will issue
you with a renewal notice via land mail. The current cost of renewal
directly with Melbourne IT is $137.50.

To ensure your contact information in the AU Network Information Centre
registry (AUNIC) is correct, please visit For your information, AUNIC is the
database used to publicly record an association between a person (or
incorporated body or similar corporate body) and a particular domain name.
It houses all of the domain names registered in Australia and is freely
available to registrants like yourself to view to ensure your registration
details are correct. 

Upon checking the details at the above site, should they not be correct,
please email renewals&#167; and our customer service staff will
instruct you on how to update your details. 

As you may be aware, Melbourne IT has appointed a number of Resellers who
are authorised to facilitate domain name renewals.  You may be contacted by
one or more of them in this regard.  Please feel free to conduct business
with them or contact us directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at
renewals&#167; or freephone 1800 354 595.

Kind regards

Accounts Department
Internet Names Worldwide
A Division of Melbourne IT
Email: renewals&#167;
Phone:	1800 354 595
Fax:     03 9620 2247

This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are privileged and
confidential information intended for the use of the addressee. The
confidentiality and/or privilege in this e-mail is not waived, lost or
destroyed if it has been transmitted to you in error. If you received this
e-mail in error you must (a) not disseminate, copy or take any action in
reliance on it; (b) please notify  Australia Post immediately by return
e-mail to the sender; (c) please delete the original e-mail.

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