Re: [DNS] FYI: Canada's top level domain (.ca) management

Re: [DNS] FYI: Canada's top level domain (.ca) management

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 01:07:14 +1100
Dear Stephen,

Thanks for your contribution to the discussion group.  Well done!

I have followed this group for some time and sometimes just

The most compelling words I picked up from the statement you enclosed were
"The original rules made sense for the size, usage and vision.'

But that was then, it is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As with 'VIAGRA' , size, usage and vision (now read reality) of the Internet
takes on a whole new awareness and being!!!!!

Kerry Henry
Click On Australia Pty Ltd

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Subject: [DNS] FYI: Canada's top level domain (.ca) management

Hello there ..

Here's what our Canadian cousins are up to regarding their .ca domain
management ..

CIRA was incorporated in 1998 with the mandate to set policy for and operate
the .ca domain.

About CIRA
CIRA is a not-for-profit organization mandated to operate the .ca top-level
domain. It is responsible for setting policy, managing and operating the .ca
domain database and registering Domain Names.

About the transfer of the .ca Registry
On or about November 1st, 2000, CIRA will take over the responsibility of
the .ca Registry from the University of British Columbia. On September 18th,
2000, CIRA announced the beginning of the pre-transfer registration period.
During this period, CIRA informed all existing .ca domain name holders that
they had to pre-register their domain names in its Registry. To date,
approximately 45% of the 98,000 .ca Registrants have pre-registered through
the services of a CIRA certified Registrars. There are now over 35 certified
Registrars. The list is available at

CIRA announces new, broader rules for .ca domain registration
Ottawa, October 18, 2000  The long-awaited new rules for .ca domain name
registration are now finalized and available on the Canadian Internet
Registration Authority’s (CIRA) Web site at The new rules will
come into effect when CIRA takes over operational control of the .ca
Registry on or about November 1st, 2000.

“The original rules made sense for the size, usage and vision of the
Internet in the early days,” says Maureen Cubberley, Chair, CIRA Board.
“However, with the increased usage and rapid commercialization of the
Internet, the Canadian Internet community agreed that the rules for
registering domain names were too restrictive and had to evolve.”

Under existing rules, organizations are only allowed one Domain Name; the
Domain Name must refer to the organization’s legal name, operating name, or
registered Canadian Trademark; top- level domains ( are only
available to federally incorporated organizations; and registrations are
only available to Canadians.

Under the new rules:
- Anyone meeting basic Canadian Presence Requirements can register a .ca
domain name
- Organizations and persons can register more than one .ca name
- Top level domains ( are available to anyone on a first come first
served basis
- Generic domain names are accepted

In addition, CIRA is setting up a registration system that allows for
real-time registrations, eliminating the waiting period that currently
exists. This is an important development for Canadian electronic commerce
and will ultimately increase the number of registrations in the .ca domain
space at a much faster pace than in the past.

And, here's what, "Networking"  have to report today ...

ISSN 1206-9450    Volume 4, Number 17    1 November 2000


Anyone with a .ca domain name -- or wishing to acquire one -- must
register it with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority
<>, the not-for-profit organization that has
taken over management of the .ca top-level domain registry from
the University of British Columbia <>.

Registration for current .ca domain names begins today, 1 November,
and runs through 7 November. After that, registration will be open
to anyone who meets the Canadian Presence Requirements. However,
CIRA will reserve domain names already registered in the UBC system
until 31 January 2001. Failure to re-register a current domain name
with CIRA will result in inaccessible website and e-mail addresses.

Applicants wishing to register existing and new .ca domain names
must do so through a CIRA certified registrar. A list of registrars
is available at <>.

For full information on the new system, see <>

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Vermont Secondary

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