Re: [DNS] What's in a name? Too little, says panel

Re: [DNS] What's in a name? Too little, says panel

From: AVS Network <nigel§>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 17:22:18 +1100
I'd rather host a .com domain name than a 

We can setup and register a .com within 6 hours usually it is only costs 
$25 per year. We even have a free domain name promotion too. 

The's are slow to setup and when transferring them to our servers, 
the doesn't usually work when we first try redelegating them cause 
INA need the domains to be fully setup on the nameservers. 


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On 11/21/00, at 1:22 AM, Don Cameron wrote: 

>I haven't really been following this thread, however the report sounds like
>just another step in the process to abolish the usefulness of the
>extension entirely.
>Over the past six months the number of my customers requesting .com instead
>of domain names has risen from about 10% (six months ago) to more
>than 50% today. Most claim the .com has far better market penetration and
>acceptance nowadays. Maybe the dinosaur has finally reached its
>evolutionary life and killing it with bureaucracy is the kind thing to do?
>Cheers, Don
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