Re: [DNS] Choosing a .com name

Re: [DNS] Choosing a .com name

From: <simon.j.wilson§>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:20:23 +1000
I wonder if there has been any market research on the .com vs subject.
I have clients who are spending a lot of money securing various ccTLDs for the
very reason that they expect that consumers will visit a .au (or other ccTLDs)
before trying a .com site when looking for local content.

I think there may be a perception among consumers that .com is a USA or
international site and often a starting point to finding localised content
(although I have no evidence for this!). Although from what I've been hearing in
this group, .com names are possibly becoming preferred for cost and ease of
registration.  I guess the new TLDs are going to push the focus back to the

Simon Wilson

Warwick Rothnie wrote:

>  . . . but most of my clients seem to want .com names because
> that is wherepeople look first.

Hi Warwick

Perhaps if a company is trying to present an Australian image they would
prefer .au.  Such as, perhaps, Australian tourism, wool or fashion products.

But companies trying to be "international" whether they are Australian or
Greek, will probably want to promote themselves as .com.

If nothing else it allows them a single point of contact internationally.

It is also shorter, easier to type, easier to remember and less error-prone.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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