Re: [DNS] Choosing a .com name

Re: [DNS] Choosing a .com name

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 16:35:53 +1100

Your question 'I wonder if there has been any market research on the .com vs subject.
>I have clients who are spending a lot of money securing various ccTLDs for
>very reason that they expect that consumers will visit a .au (or other
>before trying a .com site when looking for local content.
>I think there may be a perception among consumers that .com is a USA or
>international site and often a starting point to finding localised content
>(although I have no evidence for this!). Although from what I've been
hearing in
>this group, .com names are possibly becoming preferred for cost and ease of
>registration.  I guess the new TLDs are going to push the focus back to the

There is clear evidence that the European market is turning its back on
'.com' and supporting own local market branding.

The majority of Australian Users prefer to deal 'onshore'.  They might go
looking global but when it comes to 'transactions' the majority want local.
The exchange rate is helping this as well.

I must admit that I find a lot of the commentary full of 'bs' - just like
all the crazy hype about all these so called brilliant new 'online' concepts
that have or are close to pointing 10 toes up.

The stupidity extends to this concept that 'one glove fits all' mentality re
domain name registration.

The recipe is easy so long as corporates face reality!

What is the corporates 'real' target market - (a) Australia (b) mostly
Australia and part Global (c) Global (d) plan to move into other global

If (a) then register a local space.

If (b) register local and look to register under space in targeted countries
or under '.com' but keep 'au' space as main site and point others to that
site.  If language is an issue, point to customised pages at the 'au'
Website.  If back line operations are 'decentralised' with direct or
representative locations in different geographical locations, split up you
'home page' to direct potential customers to their nearest source.

If (c) register '.com' but test market reception.  In many countries
Australia is seen as a 'OK-positive-well regulated' country ( the recent
Olympic Games has improved our exposure).  Because '.com' has a global tag,
Users are now aware that '.com' operators could be operating from any
country - many with shady business reputations.

If (d) register in the planned countries.

The only reason to definitely register '.com' is if the corporate plans to
target the USA market as USA Users predominately think '.com' space.
Remember, most Americans only think the USA exists and don't have a bigger
global vision.

So, there is no common  answer, although for most Australian companies, the
'reality' is an 'au' space.

Kerry Henry
Click On Australia Pty Ltd
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