Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:08:07 +1100
Richard Archer wrote to <dns&#167;> Wednesday, November 22, 2000 6:54

> If the DNS is being used as a directory (and I can't imagine how it
> could be, since it is so shockingly bad at this task) the only reason
> would be that there is nothing else to use.

Why couldn't generic and geographic names in the namespace be used
as gateways / directories?

If businesses were prepared to invest in building them, why should they be
prevented from doing so?

The current policy of prohibiting the licensing of these names imo serves no
good purpose as I see it.  But I am open to persuasion.

> There is no consistent mapping of an entity name to a domain name,
> pretty much guaranteeing that you are not going to be able to find
> the entity you want to find simply by keying in guesses.

Users may be able to find the product or service they are looking for by
using generic and geographic names because they are easily
remembered/recalled, intuitive or meaningful.  Many people function this

They may also be able to find the business at <geographicname> if it
were permitted to be licensed.

Surely its about giving users and businesses a diversity of _choices_.

> By keying in guesses you are just as likely to find a competitor to
> the entity you are actually looking for before you find the actual
> entity.

A gateway / directory proposal based on generic and geographic names is
outlined in the Public Discussion Report under

See Proposal 4.3.2: Consideration be given to the introduction of a system
of gateways, following consultation, along the lines of one or more of the
possible models.  See also the related issues.

From a consumer perspective such public gateways can provide access points
to competing businesses and goods and sevices.  They are potentially great
gateways for e-commerce, if properly promoted.

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