Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 18:41:05 +0800
Quoting Ian Johnston on Wednesday November 22, 2000:
| Why couldn't generic and geographic names in the namespace be used
| as gateways / directories?
| If businesses were prepared to invest in building them, why should they be
| prevented from doing so?
| The current policy of prohibiting the licensing of these names imo serves no
| good purpose as I see it.  But I am open to persuasion.

I believe the problem is not so much that they would be used as gateway or
directories - indeed I think the main concern would be them being used
for the opposite. 

To make an example, could be used as a directory
of the travel services industry, or it could be a travel company.

Is there a viable way to identify if a generic is going to be used in the
public interest or not?

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