Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

From: Ron Ipsen <ron§>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 11:44:55 +1100
At 07:44 PM 23/11/00 +1100, Don Cameron wrote:


Not a chance of getting funds out of them blokes for research.

We put in to trial geographic domain stuff 2 years ago and got told it 
wasnt their business.

In the end I funded it myself.


>BITS - Building on IT Strengths - a Federal Funding initiative that could be

closes on Dec 12 and starts at $4m or something like that

>NTN - Networking the Nation - Funding specifically for the purpose of
>raising Internet use and acceptance. I'm sure the grant administrators (I
>know a few of them quite well), would view this as a viable project - if
>anyone's interested I would be happy to help prepare a grant submission.

Good luck, the rounds are 6 months apart and I think the next one is in 
march (may be wrong) Then 3-6 months lead time before the money arrives, 
3-9 months to do the research and publish puts the results at about 18 
months away.

The auDA stuff should have a fairly good direction by then.


I see that there is a lot of discussion pointing to the .au space as being 
competitive with etc.

I do not see this as being the case.

I see the free for all domains as being about as legitimate as a hotmail 
address. The rules and policies we are building are (IMHO) about preserving 
the integrity and thus the inherit value of the .au space.

We are not about competing (again IMHO) with the rest of the worlds systems 
but about protecting and conserving and building on what is uniquely ours 
for ourselves, our communities and those that will follow us.

and yes, we care as well.

>PS - Saliya - Who cares? - I do!
>Cheers, Don
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