Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 12:54:42 +1100

Globalisation is a transition in the business cycle that has been happening
well before the Internet came along.

Yes, there is no doubt that a new global communication tool called the
Internet  has assisted globalisation in certain ways, but business
fundamentals are business fundamentals - 'offline or online'.

A point I made in an earlier contribution is that 'com' has become too trade
'generic' - a floating space of no fixed abode.  It use to be viewed as USA,
but now???????

I agree that an easy to remember trade name that also gives the market a
feel for the service or product being provided is very powerful, however,
this has been the case in the 'offline' world for a long time.

The internet shouldn't be the catalyst for a decision to have a more easy to
remember trade name.  A lousy trade name remains a lousy trade name
'offline' or 'online'.  If the company has a lousy trade name, then the
Internet isn't going to dramatically assist - the problem just gets wider.

Indeed, if the internet will assist their business to look more globally
over the medium to longer term and they have a lousy name, they need to
readdress their strategic  thinking before rushing off to register any names

My advice to a client once that is sorted out, would be:

1.  Is the trade established in Australia?  Likely answer yes - so register
within Aust.

2.  Is the trade established in an overseas  country?  If yes, register a
domain name in the local market.

3.  Does your firm plan to go 'global'?  If yes, register a 'com', however,
I see it as a short term solution.

I personally see the 'com' space as loosing value over time as e-commerce
becomes more important.  Users will want to readily know if they are dealing
with a Australian based 'com' or an obscure  country with shady  business
regimes.  Ultimately countries will apply 'taxes' for online transactions
thus Users will want to quickly determine the jurisdiction of the
originating provider.  A floating 'com' won't assist.  We may one day see
the USA having to set up a 'com.usa' space to more effectively handle online
trade regulations.

4.  If the new trade name has Aust market appeal, register in Aust as well
and migrate the existing business to the new trade name over time -
basically rebadge.

Cheers, Kerry
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Date: Thursday, 23 November 2000 12:01
Subject: Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

>Kerry Henry [KHenry&#167;] wrote:
>> Advising an Australian business to register a 'dot com' because it is
>> is just ................ let's say stupid and very short term focused.
>I beg to differ. people want easy to remember names. .com is easier then
>.com offers an international image. and in this era of globalisation
>its seen as a good thing by most people. I think you are a little stuck
>in the last millenium.
>there is nothing long term guaranteed about dns, a new protocol could
>wipe out any "value" in the current naming system.
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