Re: [DNS] geographic names

Re: [DNS] geographic names

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 10:40:35 +1100
At 18:45 +1100 24/11/00, Don Cameron wrote:

>Out domain name of choice was ... yet we were
>refused this because it did not sufficiently reflect our business name...
>OK... politics aside, can someone please tell me what would be the crime in
>our being "allowed" to register this domain name?... Obviously we have no
>desire to register this as a business name (why should we? - it is a trading
>name written into our organisational constituion as an NFP organisation - we
>are under no legal obligation to register this - it would simply be another
>overhead... and we are legally allowed to trade under this name...

IMHO (IANAL) you're not legally allowed to trade under the name 
"Coolah Telecentre" without registering the appropriate business 
name. The States and Territories each have a Business Names Act which 
is clear on this matter

Running a web site with the domain name "" 
when this bears little resemblance to your trading name would 
potentially breach the business names act. The acts require that a 
business registers the name under which they trade, and I can 
envisage the situation whereby operating a web site under a specific 
domain name could be construed as operating a business under that 

Your option here is to begin trading under the name "Coolah 
Telecentre" by registering the appropriate business name.

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