Re: [DNS] Colateral damage

Re: [DNS] Colateral damage

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 12:54:40 +1100
Guys and Girls,

As I have stated repeatedly before, advisers on domain space registration
have to understand their clients longer term strategies before wildly
recommending the most appropriate domain space!

The idea may best fit within the '' arena as that may well be the
longer term plan - a commercial business model actually supplying products
and services to expats.  If it is simply going to be an
information-introduction business model, then yes 'org or asn'.  If in doubt
at this stage on the likely outcome, register in all relevant spaces
including 'com' to provide longer term global flexibility.

Be it or or, if the theme is that good as a business
model, I am sure there are heaps of 'onshore' contacts that would gladly go
and register a business or company  for these interested 'offshore'
interested parties and act as a local representative.  Indeed, if a good
model, it would be smart of the originators of the idea to involve an
onshore party so as to assist with local sourcing and infrastructure detail.

(A freebie piece of advice - go chat with Dick Smith - he would relish the
opportunity to use Aussie expats to expand Aussie products amongst their
foreign communities)

This is no different to me wanting to set up a concept in (say) India.  It
would be smart for me to establish local links.  I would follow this path
with or without the Internet.

I wish people would take note of the all the 'dud' Internet deals falling
over and recognise that the emergence of the internet DOES NOT make for a
'business model'.  It may enhance the business, but if the basic
fundamentals are not in place, then it is a doomed idea.

Garbage is garbage irrespective of the degrees of smell!

Cheers, Kerry Henry

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From: Adrian Chadd <adrian&#167;>
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Date: Saturday, 25 November 2000 12:20
Subject: Re: [DNS] Colateral damage

>On Sat, Nov 25, 2000, Don Cameron wrote:
>> They would like to register the domain -
>> Obviously they would like the .au extension because they are proud
>> Australians and would like to promote this fact to all and sundry - they
>> not want a .org because they are not a formalised organisation... and in
>> fact they are to a degree commercial in nature, because one of their aims
>> to financially support Aussies overseas facing difficulties - however
>> cannot register an Australian Business name (none of them are in
>> and they do not do business in this country) - they cannot form an
>> Australian Association for the same reasons - the "motivators" for this
>> Aussies mostly based in New York and London. Obviously they do not have
>> ABN. Perhaps the only thing they could do would be to register as
>> however even this is very difficult for them under the current Australian
>> Charitable Collections Act.
>Ok, this sounds more like something suitable for, rather than
>I don't know about you, but sounds like a
>company which we expatriots (and yes, I am one living in Amsterdam..)
>can order vegemit and timtams from!
>So my answer to this is to apply for either or .
>Personally, I don't see why even entered into this domain name.
>.com is meant to be "company", right ?
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