Re: [DNS] Colateral damage

Re: [DNS] Colateral damage

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 13:27:29 +1100
Kerry Henry [KHenry&#167;] wrote:
> Guys and Girls,
> As I have stated repeatedly before, advisers on domain space registration
> have to understand their clients longer term strategies before wildly
> recommending the most appropriate domain space!
> The idea may best fit within the '' arena as that may well be the
> longer term plan - a commercial business model actually supplying products
> and services to expats.  If it is simply going to be an
> information-introduction business model, then yes 'org or asn'.  If in doubt
> at this stage on the likely outcome, register in all relevant spaces
> including 'com' to provide longer term global flexibility.
> Be it or or, if the theme is that good as a business
> model, I am sure there are heaps of 'onshore' contacts that would gladly go
> and register a business or company  for these interested 'offshore'
> interested parties and act as a local representative.  Indeed, if a good
> model, it would be smart of the originators of the idea to involve an
> onshore party so as to assist with local sourcing and infrastructure detail.

so let me get this straight,  you are saying they should register
a business localy which they will not use and risk having
someone local own their domain name which they will use?

similar to how everyone breaks the derivation rule and the one entity
one domain rule by registering useless unused business names?

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