[DNS] Domain name news

[DNS] Domain name news

From: <David.Goldstein§sbg.nic.at>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:14:03 +0100
Hi all

I'm not sure of the interest in this, but at least for the next few weeks I
will continue to collect domain name news for nic.at. I have pasted the last
2 days news below, and if people wish, I'd be more than happy to post the
news on a daily basis, or to individual people who indicate an interest in
this news. The news is available on the nic.at web site at
http://www.nic.at/english/main.html and there is an archive of all the news
I've collected there for both domain name news and other Internet news.


.tv - von der Länderdomain zur .com-Konkurrenz (Heise) 29Nov
Die Firma DotTV, die die Länder-Domain .tv von Tuvalu übernommen haben, geht
ein Bündnis mit Network Solutions ein, Ex-Monopolist für .com.

"Sex.com" geht an ursprünglichen Eigentümer zurück (ZDNet) 29Nov
Gericht entschied gegen den jetzigen Besitzer der sein Online-Porno-Business
auf der URL aufgebaut hat

Betreiber muss Rechte an Website "sex.com" abgeben (Der Standard) 29Nov
Im Streit um die Rechte an der Internet-Adresse "sex.com" hat ein
kalifornisches Gericht den jetzigen Betreiber zur Rückgabe an den früheren
Besitzer verurteilt.
Also see Entscheidung im Streit um die Domain Sex.com (Net Business) 28Nov
Sex.com - Entscheidung für den Kläger (akademie.de) 29Nov

Cyber-Recht: Porno-König muss Zepter abgeben (Der Spiegel) 28Nov
Die Seiten von Sex.com werden täglich rund 150 Millionen Mal aufgerufen. Der
Mann, der bisher bei jedem der geilen Klicks verdiente, muss die Rechte an
der begehrten Domain nun an einen anderen abgeben.

'Porn Baron' Forced to Give Up Sex.com (Standard) 28Nov
One of the most valuable domain names on the Web, "sex.com," is to be
transferred from the "porn baron" who stole it to the entrepreneur who
originally registered it, after a U.S. court ruled in the entrepreneur's

The new domain names and games (IT Director) 28Nov
ICANN decided on seven new TLDs (top level domains) only just over a week
ago but name games are already all the rage. There appears to be a lot of
misunderstanding of the whole process. ICANN decided on seven new TLDs,
.aero, .biz, .coop, .info, .museum, .name and .pro and an estimated 600,000
names associated with the new TLDs have reportedly been already registered.

New Domain Names May Cost $75,000 to Maintain (Accounting Web) 28Nov
The addition of new high-level domains (.biz, .info, .name, .co-op, .pro,
.museum, .aero), and the ongoing exploitation of over 150 existing domains,
will force the average Global 2000 organization to register at least 300
name variants by 2001.
Also see New Domain Names May Cost Up to $75,000 to Maintain (Gartner news
release) 20Nov

Network Solutions adds ".tv" domain names to lineup (CNET) 28Nov
DotTV, the Internet start-up that wants Web surfers to change channels to
".tv" from ".com," said Tuesday it received $28 million in funding and
signed a marketing deal with the purveyor of Internet domain names.
Also see dotTV Coaxes Exposure, Funding from Network Solutions
(internet.com) 28Nov

Top Level Domains: Eine Wahl und ihre Folgen (Der Spiegel) 28Nov
Die Icann hat entschieden - und muss jetzt mit Klagen rechnen. Der Streit um
die neuen Top Level Domains geht damit in eine neue Runde.

The 2000 Domain Name Goverance, Law & Policy Forum: Canadian & International
Perspectives (University of Ottawa) 29Nov
Domain name governance, law and policy have emerged as one of the dominant
Internet law issues of the past year. The introduction of ICANN's UDRP,
public elections, proposals for new generic top level domains at the
international level as well as CIRA's fundamental reforms to the dot-ca
domain have fundamentally reshaped the governance and policy framework for
the Internet. The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law and OCRI's 45th
Circuit are pleased to host a half-day forum to examine and debate these
cutting edge issues. Bringing together leaders from both ICANN and CIRA, the
forum will provide an update on the latest policy and law developments and
an opportunity to debate future policy directions.
Name row threatens the net (BBC) 28Nov
A simmering row between the people who keep the internet running is
threatening to split the management of the net in two. Icann is asking the
organisations who look after country codes such as .uk and .de to contribute
to its running costs.

Cybersquatters evicted (BBC) 28Nov
The company that runs the soon to be demolished stadium won the right to use
the www.wembleystadium.net internet address in a UN ruling.

China registers 42,000 Web addresses (South China Morning Post) 28Nov
China's Internet authority said it has registered only 42,000 Web addresses
in Chinese characters out of the 800,000 applications it received.

US judge orders sex.com address returned to owner (South China Morning Post)
28Nov http://technology.scmp.com/internet/daily/20001128095628357.asp
A United States judge ordered a major sex change on the Internet, ending a
hot-blooded struggle over arguably the most valuable piece of real estate in
cyberspace - the rights to the name "sex.com". US District Judge James Ware
ordered Stephen Cohen, who has turned the sex.com Web site into a
multimillion pornography business, to turn the address over to San Francisco
entrepreneur Gary Kremen - who had the foresight to register the address in
1994, at the dawn of the Internet age.
Also see Judge Orders Sex.com Returned (Wired) 28Nov
California Plaintiff Gets Sex.com Back (Law.com) 28Nov

Betreiber muss Domain "sex.com" abgeben (n-tv) 28Nov
Der Streit um eine der erfolgversprechendsten Internet-Adressen der Welt,
sex.com, ist entschieden worden. Der jetzige Betreiber der Domain muss sie
laut einem kalifornischen Gericht an ihren früheren Besitzer zurückgeben.

Scare tactic fears over new names (Australian IT) 28Nov
Domain name registrars could use scare tactics to force businesses to
register names in the seven new top-level domains recently approved by
internet governing authorities, industry observers have warned.

Phone numbers replace dot com addresses (ZDNet) 28Nov
Forget digging around for unusual dot com addresses that are either
difficult to remember or all-too-often inaccurately entered.
Also see Nascomms launches numerical net address system (Australian
Financial Review) 28Nov http://www.afr.com.au/it/2000/11/28/FFXMHX601GC.html

Opera house cybersquatter out of tune (New Zealand Herald) 28Nov
Sydney Opera House, one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world,
has won its case against an alleged cybersquatter.
Also see Sydney Opera House wins cybersquatting case (South China Morning
Post) 24Nov http://technology.scmp.com/internet/DAILY/20001124090847504.asp

Sturm beim ICANN-Meeting war nur ein laues Lüftchen (ZDNet) 28Nov
Während die britische Fachpresse erst jetzt von einem handfesten Krach beim
vergangenen ICANN-Meeting in Marina del Rey berichtet, stellte die
Geschäftsführerin der Denic, Sabine Dolderer gegenüber ZDNet klar: "Das war
keineswegs der Aufstand der Europäer gegen die ICANN."

ICANN runners-up want a recount (ZDNet) 27Nov
Some of the runners-up in the biggest dash yet for new Web territory started
by the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers aren't done yet with their
failed proposals. One is threatening to sue. Another threatens global
communion. A third is trying to sort out just exactly how it feels.

Rejected domains cause anger at Icann (internet.com) 27Nov
In the wake of Icann's approval of seven new top-level domains, operators
which proposed domains that got rejected are threatening the domain
authority, saying that the process isn't over.

New Domain Name Owner Seeks Middle Ground Online (New York Times) 27Nov
When the panel that governs the Internet's naming system decided this month
to add seven new suffixes, it ended months of discussion and argument over
how to relieve the pressure on the crowded .com domain.

DotNom, DotPro critical of ICANN approval process (Nando Times) 27Nov
While the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers made news recently
for approving seven new suffixes that will join the ubiquitous ".com," the
Los Angeles-based group also gained attention for some of the suffixes it
didn't give the green light to.

Is Dot-Biz Really a New Domain? (Wired) 27Nov
Gallegos, who works for Atlantic Root Network, is happy to sell you a domain
name with a "dot-biz" suffix. The current cost: A handy $6 a year. There is,
of course, a catch. Only a minuscule portion of computers connected to the
Internet are configured to recognize dot-biz names, and unless you're using
one, you'll get one of those irksome can't-find-that-site errors.

New Web Domains: Imperfect Substitutes (Chicago Tribune) 27Nov
Like most kids this time of year, Internet geeks and online entrepreneurs
have been itching for some new toys.

ICANN Increasingly On Congressional Radar (Warren Communications) 27Nov
Increased public focus on ICANN actions such as its new top-level domain
(TLD) name selection process is triggering more overall congressional
scrutiny of the controversial corporation. Earlier this month, House
Democrats Markey (Mass.) and Capps (Cal.) urged the Dept. of Commerce's
(DoC) NTIA not to implement any new TLDs without a public review of the
process. And with the transfer of the authoritative root-name server system
to ICANN from Commerce possible -- although perhaps not likely -- sometime
next year, lawmakers have notified Commerce that they don't want to be left
out of the loop.

The Sun wrestles back porn domain (Register) 27Nov
Saucy British tabloid the Daily Sport has pledged to hand over the domain
ukpage3.com after News International claimed it had walked all over its

Babylon 3.0.: Die Dialektik Digitaler Demokratie (Telepolis) 27Nov
Im Cyberspace bilden sich neue, transnationale Deliberations- und
Partizipationsformen. Nicht nur theoretisch, sondern auch empirisch: Im Netz
der Netze hat es dieses Jahr die ersten weltweiten Online-Wahlen für das
Direktorium der Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (
ICANN) gegeben, die sich zudem global und netzwerkartig über das Netz selbst
organisiert, sich weitgehend der Kontrolle nationaler Regierungen entzieht,
Offenheit and Transparenz zum Organisationsideal erhebt und dabei
Schlüsselpunkte des globalen Kommunikationsnetzes verwaltet.

ICANN: Abspaltungen drohen (Rheinische Post) 27Nov
Einige Verwalter von Länderdomains wollen sich aus der ICANN zurückziehen.
Nach einem Bericht des britischen Internetdienstes The Register kritisieren
die Vertreter der Country-Code-Verwalter die Internetgebühren, die die ICANN
für die Verwaltung ihrer Root-Server einhebt, und ihre geringe Vertretung im
Board der Organisation.

Thailand's Domain Name Registry Wants More Applicants (Computer User) 26Nov
The Thailand Network Information Centre (THNIC), the registry organization
that oversees the .th domain, has opened a new Web site in conjunction with
Internet Thailand, enabling online payment for all Thai domain names.

How to register a domain name (Seattle Times) 26Nov
People buy their domain names for different reasons. Some do it for a
business; others are seeking a spot for an organization or special-interest
group. Still others buy names for personal Web sites. A side benefit is the
ability to have an e-mail address in your name that can move with you, no
matter who is your service provider.

&pg=/et/00/11/26/cawan26.htmlNeue Heimat für rare Dotcoms: 2001 gibt es mehr
Adressen im Netz (Die Presse) 26Nov
Das Internet wächst. Sieben neue Top-Level-Domains (das Kürzel nach dem
"dot") sollen im nächsten Jahr starten.

Neue Addressen (Die Presse) 26Nov
.biz bleibt Unternehmen vorbehalten. Wie die einreichende Gesellschaft
JVTeam mit Anträgen von individuellen Personen umgehen will, bleibt offen.
Eine Maßnahme: Die Adressen sollen 2000 Dollar (knapp 30.000 S) pro Stück

Country code chiefs, registrars mull ICANN breakaway (Register) 25Nov
In what could mark the beginning of the end of the Internet's domain name
system as used by world+dog today, some of the Internet's most important
interests are actively mulling a move to alternative root servers.

New ICANN Board Member Katoh Aims to Represent Non-Western Nations
(AsiaBizTech) 24Nov
Masanobu Katoh, a Japanese attorney, has been elected as a new member of the
board of directors of ICANN, representing the Asian Pacific region.

New Web names may spur cybersquatters (Globe & Mail) 23Nov
A new virtual land grab by cybersquatters is looming with the approval last
week of seven new top-level domain names. But new measures proposed by the
chosen domain name administrators should help limit that opportunistic
activity, industry watchers and players say.

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