Re: [DNS] New domain proposal

Re: [DNS] New domain proposal

From: Aristedes Maniatis <ari§>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 16:37:43 +1100
OK. Some interesting points.

on 22/2/01 2:43 PM, m&#167; at m§ wrote:

> The DNS is not a directory like a phone book.

Absolutely. And this scheme allows end users to utilise the DNS for its
original purpose: to locate a known resource on the internet. The known
resource is a business whose name you know.

> Your idea is kind of cute,

Now that is the most damming criticism I've had yet. I was hoping for
something more along the 'useful' line.

> but I don't know why, as a business, I should be forced to link to the
> yellowpages section on similar businesses (competitors) or why businesses

OK. That idea would benefit the consumer only. It is a trivial suggestion
anyway and is by no means central to the scheme.

> should be forced to be associated with their home state with your
> <state>.<name> structure.

If a business is registered in a particular state then it is intrinsically
linked to that state. In the same way that (ideally) Australian companies
should have a .au domain and international businesses .com. Shame that the
USA hijacked .com instead of using .us

> What a crock - the .au domain space should be opened up so you can just
> have <companyname>.au. I think for the sort of directory you want, UDDI is
> a much more viable option.

One other purpose of my scheme is that it could reduce some of the current
pressure to keep vaguely one to one with business names. This would
make it easier to open to any registrant.

I think that opening .au to all-comers would be a clear disaster and I doubt
if there is much support for it.

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