Re: [DNS] DNS and "end user" requirements (a little late)

Re: [DNS] DNS and "end user" requirements (a little late)

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 19:33:19 +1100

James, the auction route is more troublesome than your line of thought.

There can only be 'one' way forward.  If the policy is changed to open up
the '' register, then it should be the same as say 'trademarks' where
the first person to request the registration is granted the right to
proceed.  The price should be the normal fee.

The market will sort itself out post sale.  I understand that Melbourne IT's
records are sufficient to track request after they took over the formal
management in Oct 96.  Maybe records exist before then.

I haven't check their position recently, however, I am aware of one large
corporate who was declined a domain name registration in the early days of
Melbourne IT's control on the basis of 'too generic' that plans to take
legal action to pursue their claim if not awarded the right to now
subsequently acquire as a result of the rule change.

Who is going to pick up the legal tab on the auDA side?  Will Melbourne  IT
be joined in any action?  I am not a lawyer, but the auction concept looks

Kerry Henry

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