Re: [DNS] Contacts

Re: [DNS] Contacts

From: Jason Allen <jallen§>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 01:44:16 +1000
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Subject: [DNS] Contacts

> Hi
> My company, DHS International Pty Ltd ( was recently
> contacted by a representative of a small Africian nation with respect to
> assisting them with web and email facilities and other services revolving
> their gTLD.
> I would like to know if anyone on the list has a contact email address for
> one in the Australian Government that I could discuss this matter with to
> the company is acting within international policy as defined by the AuG
> possibly some contacts for grants to assist this Nation with their
> activities.
> Thank you.
> Darryl Lynch CEO
> DHS International.

Sorry, can't help you with your request for info.

Probably a small point to most people though, but one which I feel compelled
to ask and note - you refer to yourself/group as "my company" yet have a
.org web address and references on the web content give it as a
organisation.. In my mind, organisation and company are completely

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