[DNS] domain news

[DNS] domain news

From: David Goldstein <DGoldstein§comslaw.org.au>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 10:41:12 +1000
Net name chaos grows
Net companies are squabbling over the .xxx domain name
By BBC News Online technology correspondent Mark Ward

The grip of the net's ruling body on the web's system for naming and
finding domains is in danger of being undermined.

The sluggish pace of net name changes is forcing increasing numbers of
companies to set up their own alternative, and conflicting, domain
naming systems.

The name game
ICANN, charged with clearing up the murky water of domain naming, is
under fire from every quarter

By Anthony Shadid, Globe Staff, 4/9/2001

WASHINGTON - Its mission began modestly.
Three years ago, an eon in Internet time, the US government turned over
the task of organizing and overseeing the dot-coms, dot-nets, and other
domain names that instill order in cyberspace to a nonprofit group known
as ICANN, a svelte acronym for the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers.

Government Internet Addressing Study Under Way

More than two years behind schedule, a government-funded committee today
officially kicked off its investigation into the policies, technologies
and considerations that will shape the evolution of the Internet
addressing system in the years to come.
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