[DNS] auDA Name Policy Advisory Panel final report

[DNS] auDA Name Policy Advisory Panel final report

From: Jo Lim <jo.lim§auda.org.au>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 12:06:31 +1000

auDA's Name Policy Advisory Panel has completed its review of Australian
domain name policies, and recommended several changes aimed at making it
easier for Australians to license .au domain names.

The Panel has presented its final report to the auDA Board.  The report
recommends a number of changes to domain name policies, including:
- no limit on the number of domain names per entity;
- a renewal period for all domain names;
- inclusion of trade marks as eligibility criteria for a domain name;
- a close and substantial connection between a domain name and its licensee;
- creation of a 'reserved list' for domain names that may not be licensed.

The report also recommends that domain names continue to be allocated on a
'first come, first served' basis.  Provided the relevant eligibility
criteria are satisfied, the first person to apply for a particular domain
name will be allowed to license it.

"The Panel's final report is the result of two rounds of public
consultation.  The Panel is confident that its recommendations reflect
community views about who should be eligible to hold a domain name, and the
type of domain name they can have," said Panel Chair, Derek Whitehead.

The auDA Board will consider the Panel's report in May.  Implementation of
the Panel's recommendations will not take place until the second half of
2001, in conjunction with the introduction of competition in the domain name
services market.

"auDA would like to thank Derek Whitehead and the Panel for their hard work
and commitment to the policy review process over the past nine months," said
auDA Board Co-Chair, Greg Watson.

"auDA is highly appreciative of the Panel's achievement in producing a
quality outcome that is focused on improving the .au domain space for the
benefit of all Australians."

The Panel's Terms of Reference have been extended to address the possible
creation of new second level domains (2LDs), to remedy pressing problems in
the .au domain space.  The Panel will release a public discussion paper in

The Panel's report is available on the auDA website at
http://www.auda.org.au or phone 03 9226 9495.

For further information about the report, contact Derek Whitehead on phone
03 9214 8333 or 0412 996 025 or email dwhitehead&#167;swin.edu.au

12 April 2001

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