[DNS] Don't get crushed between Melbourne IT and auda - Let your views be heard

[DNS] Don't get crushed between Melbourne IT and auda - Let your views be heard

From: <peter§instra.com.au>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 16:09:46 +1000
Hi Guys

This is an open letter to all organisations wishing to become registrars in
the .au domain and to those others who would like to see the (registrar)
monopolies end and a decent competition model in place.

Currently the debate is being dominated by auda and Melbourne IT and we are
being by-passed.

For example I have learned that Melbourne IT offered to pay the $100
registration fee to each of their staff to become members of auda. I also
understand that more than 40 staff members took up the offer. If this is
not a clear indication that they would really like to control auda then I
personally don't know what is.

When asked a spokesman for Melbourne IT confirmed the principal of
encouraging staff to join auda and did not deny that they (Melbourne IT)
were paying. Their full email to me is covered by a copyright statement
and, although I have requested they allow me to publish it they have been
remarkably silent on the subject.

More disturbing is a memo purporting to come from Melbourne IT circulating
Canberra which recommends that the new naming policy be implemented
immediately but that the competition policy be delayed. I have the full
text if anyone is interested to receive it. The message is clear - give
Melbourne IT more relaxed domain name rules (= more sales for Melbourne IT)
and delay the deregulation allowing other registrars to compete ( = more
sales and higher margins for Melbourne IT)

So I think it's time we ... the wanna-be registrars and the wanna-be
resellers-at-decent-prices ... got together and formed an association with
a view to getting our views heard - and possibly even get some action.

Finally let me stress that the above is not anti-auda - merely an attempt
to put some balance into the debate.

All interested please contact me "peter&#167;instra.com.au"

Peter Dean
Chairman - The Instra Group

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