RE: [DNS] Re: Lock out from AUDA mailing list

RE: [DNS] Re: Lock out from AUDA mailing list

From: Matthew King <mking§>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:20:58 +1000
I dropped off the list for a while there as well from the 19/6/01 to 
2/7/01 but a nice person called Leanne McRoberts from iiNet Customer 
Service put me back on after I complained.

Mind you I don't think I had said anything too critical on the 12/6/01 ;-)

Of course there was no way to join up anywhere on the link that the 
auDA site provided. Strange that. The link now seems to work ok...

I'd be curious to get copies about what was discussed during this 
time. Can anyone forward them?

Yours in Paranoia...

Matthew King

Ps. Systems go down, list have issues, DNS gremlins torment, routers 
go pop (at 2 in the morning), water from upstairs leaks over nice new 
racks and the work experience kid can drop a coffee into a nice new 
RAID system. Basically stuff does happen..

And of course keep in mind what was said in the importance of being Ernest.

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