RE: [DNS] Re: Lock out from AUDA mailing list

RE: [DNS] Re: Lock out from AUDA mailing list

From: Paul Foxworthy <paul§>
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 12:10:26 +1000
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>|> At 05:51 PM 30/08/2001 +1000, Dave Hooper wrote:
>|> >It seems to me to be a bit of a coincidence that someone with
>|> strong views
>|> >just happened to 'drop off the list'. Amazing that. If I were Michael I
>|> >would be looking for a bit more investigation than just taking
>|> some kind of
>|> >guess as to what happened to his details.
>|> Never ascribe to malice what can be ascribed to a stuff-up.
>|> Put his name back on the list and please, let's move on.
>Personally my concern is that such a "stuff-up" can occur.  If a mailing
>list can't even be managed in an effective manner than it raises doubts as
>to the capabilities for other responsibilities.

Your concern and expectations are unrealistic IMHO.

Both e-mail and mailing list management software like majordomo are not 
designed for 100% transactional reliability. If they were they would 
consume considerably more time to set up, more computing time and more 
money. It is much more cost-effective to keep it simple and fix up the 
occasional problems after the event.

I for one do not want a cent of auDA money spent on improving the 
reliability of the mailing list from, let's say, 98% to 99.99%. The benefit 
does not justify the expense. I will cope if my name goes missing sometime.

iinet host the mailing list as a favour to the community. They started 
doing it before there was an auDA. I believe I'm right in saying the 
mailing list is not an official function of the auDA - you certainly do not 
have to be a member of auDA to participate in this list. The auDA are glad 
to have it and use it as one means of communication. They would probably 
have to invent something similar if it wasn't already there, but even then 
I'd be happy with a similar level of performance to that iinet is providing 

The standards of reliability for a DNS root server and the WHOIS database 
should be considerably higher. auDA can and should specify performance 
standards for these tasks, and expect to pay so that those standards are 
met. The fact that the mailing list might break down from time to time is 
no evidence that auDA or iinet couldn't handle the process to create a 
reliable solution when that's necessary.

You are getting something for nothing. If you want a more reliable 
solution, build it and invite us to use it.

Paul Foxworthy

Vested interests: None! My company builds web sites for a range of 
customers and has registered domain names on their behalf. We have no 
commercial relationship with iinet. I am not a member of auDA.

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