RE: [DNS] What exactly is the problem with .AU.COM?

RE: [DNS] What exactly is the problem with .AU.COM?

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 04:32:14 +1000
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|> So by giving your third level domains away for free I would
|> hazard a guess
|> that either:
|> 1. You cant see the point of creating an artificial value system
|> that does not apply outside of your business (a business that is based on
|> industry that is global)
|> 2. You have no aspirations to become a dictator, as you have read your
|> 3. You have better things to do with your time than juggling
|> your resources between repressing opponents and rewarding loyal
|> 4. All of the above

Actually I became involved in this from a desire to assist others.  Pure and
simple.  I also feel there is some value in our operations from a financial
point of view and expect to be remunerated at various levels.

I do operate as a form of dictator over our domains.  Have to with regards
to abuse.  I often remove delegations in response to abuse cases.  And as
I'm footing the bill, I dictate what resources are available and when.
Nothing wrong with that.

Personally I believe the Name Space is under utilised and would like to see
more third level registeries.  I don't see any great value in everyone
having multiple individual diverse domains. And by opening up the other
levels for use, more names are available for everyone.  How this is done is
the value adding, also the services provided to maintain those hostnames and
domains.  So don't take my comments in the wrong way.  I support third level
registeries, either free or commercial.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

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