Re: [DNS] FW: [Oz-ISP] Internet Registrations Australia gross overcharging for!

Re: [DNS] FW: [Oz-ISP] Internet Registrations Australia gross overcharging for!

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 13:46:40 +1000
>> I sent the damned thing back (by fax to their free fax number) with a
sticker (snip)

LOL - Good on you Ron - My approach was to ring and enquire just what we
would be getting for the additional charges they were slugging on top of the
normal rate... "errr, ummm, we will manage the domain for you and redirect
any visitors to your homepage".

Now that's a novel service! - Redirecting domain visitors to our homepage...
I'm sure no other domain provider would ever think of doing that! (Needless
to say the form found it's way to our "archived for posterity" file... f

PS - Jokes aside, this practice is a very real concern... it was only by
chance that I intercepted the document before it went to our accounts
department for processing... they thought it was a legitimate renewal

Rgds, Don

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