Re: [DNS] .asn Domains

Re: [DNS] .asn Domains

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 12:24:40 +1100
> So where to?  I like the idea of a govt. subsidy/rebate for domain fees,
but this (imho) should be means tested, rather than across the board (snip)

Thanks Andrew,

Discussions have largely centred on how to determine eligibility criteria
for low cost (or no cost) domains. Who should be eligible? - Does the fact
that an NFP group or association is well resourced negate eligibility? (Is
this a factor in determining tax exemption status? - Usually not because the
degree of resources is only one component of the determining formulae).

However is the issue one of eligibility, or is it one of who should
determine eligibility, and the potential impact of an incorrect
determination being made.

I suspect that most small IT companies lack the resources or expertise to
properly audit an NFP for the purpose of determining charitable status - nor
would they have the authority to make such a determination. In fact I'm
quite certain that were some of the comments made here about NFP resourcing
reproduced on a public forum, that some very lively debate would follow from
the NFP's themselves who would be more than happy to outline the formulae
for determining true status and the value of their community contributions!

What I would like to see, is any determinations that need to be made in this
area being made by the responsible authorities rather than private
companies - the Govt. Departments who are equipped to do this and have the
authoritative and legislative basis to support their determinations.
Registrars and resellers are interested in registering and selling domains
(or perhaps giving them away!)... why not leave the complex issues
surrounding the status of NFP's and Charities to those with experience in
this area?

Don Cameron

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