[DNS] Operation of the Authortitative .au Name Server

[DNS] Operation of the Authortitative .au Name Server

From: Peter Nissen <peter.nissen§adelaide.edu.au>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 12:28:45 +1030
Any thoughts/advice?

I raised with auDA on 2 October the issue of funding for the support and
traffic costs associated with the operation of the .au authoritative
name server (currently munnari).

My concern was that I was unable to find an allowance for this item in
the "auDA Operating Expenses for 2002" and I was aware that munnari
traffic (received) costs were around $6000-8000 per month.

The auDA response was that "we were not made aware that traffic costs
were an issue" but "we will be in a position to respond ......once we
have a better idea of when the redelegation will actually take effect". 

The CEO of AARNet has followed this up with auDA and has recently
notified auDA (since the redelegation is now effective) of AARNet's
intention to recover these costs from auDA.

AARNet (a not for profit company limited by shares and owned by 37
universities and CSIRO) has been paying these costs on behalf of all .au
domains. This is historical as AARNet was formed in 1989/1990 to connect
the Australian universities and CSIRO to each other and to the global
Internet. At that stage all internet demand was from these institutions. 

However today these 38 organisations are meeting all DNS traffic costs
for munnari even though collectively they account for only a tiny
portion of the .au address space.

An analysis of traffic received follows:
	On-net*	Natl	Inter	Total 
	Gbytes	Gbytes	Gbytes	
Jan-01	0.55	22.3	34.1	57.0
Feb-01	0.36	21.7	35.3	57.3
Mar-01	0.40	21.3	35.4	57.0
Apr-01	1.22	26.9	45.6	73.8
May-01	0.71	32.5	47.6	80.9
Jun-01	0.41	32.1	45.4	78.0
Jul-01	0.48	38.7	46.1	85.3
Aug-01	0.52	41.2	52.7	94.4
Sep-01	0.44	40.6	51.5	92.6
* between AARNet members (ie. over the AARNet ATM backbone)

AARNet normally charges on the basis of traffic received (as this is
normally the direction of greatest traffic flow).  In the case of
munnari the volume of traffic transmitted is typically twice the volume
of traffic received??.


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