Re: [Fwd: [DNS] Can auDA offer and for tender?]

Re: [Fwd: [DNS] Can auDA offer and for tender?]

From: Jeremy Malcolm <Jeremy§>
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:51:59 +0800
Robert Elz wrote:
> A delegated domain is more akin to a flat in a high rise building that
> is leased or sold to its occupants (which it is more similar to depends
> upon the way the sub-domains are handed out) - or even donated.

I've found an even easier analogy.  You are saying that the .au ccTLD is
a pie.  You cut two pieces of the pie and put them on your own plate,
and cut another few pieces and passed them around the table.  Then auDA
came along and took possession of the pie and the serving utensils. 
They are entitled to do that, and they are entitled to cut as many more
pieces of pie as they want.  However they are not entitled to go around
the table and demand that people who have already been served should
give their pieces of pie back (unless those people are spreading
pie-filling over their neighbour's serviette or throwing bits of pastry
around the table).

This makes your point easy to understand, but whether this is an
accurate analysis of what IANA/ICANN were/are doing when delegating
ccTLDs is not obvious from the standards documentation, so it is
understandable that there is room for dispute with auDA about this

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