From: Kenneth Brownsmith <kb§kb.au.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 11:56:59 +1100
ATTN: Chris D. and others....

Thought you would like to know...

I just received another friendly and informative letter from ING (Internet
Name Group).
(I will publish scanned images of letters later tonight)

Headings Include (Quote)

They seemed to be concerned about the following:
1.  That my com.au name was not also 'protected' in .com...
2.  Someone may have contacted me about renewing my com.au name and offering
the duplicate of my name in .biz for free if I renew my com.au name with the
company in question.

They also pointed out the following and very interesting details:
Quote: It is not yet possible to register any .biz domain name.

Hmm... Very Interesting.....

My Questions:
1.  When will I stop receiving letters from these annoying people ?
2.  Why are they still channel partners (or so they claim) of Melb IT (INWW)

The words in the two pages of 'crap' that I received is confusing and can
deceive the common DNS un-educated person...
(Sorry about the use of 'crap' but I think it is necessary in this case,
this is the thrid letter I have recieved from ING)

I will post a URL for the images of these letters later tonight...

Kenneth Brownsmith

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