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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 12:56:24 +1100

There seems to be a general lack of legal knowledge amongst all 
complainants about ING, IRA, etc., and the limitations on auDA and 
Melbourne IT.

Currently there is nothing that I know of that makes the practices of these 
particular companies illegal, indeed it could be argued that they provide 
"aggressive competition"

Melbourne IT are in the insidious position of being a monopoly which, 
whilst making them substantial profits also means the Trade Practice Act (I 
think its Section 32 - but I'm not a lawyer & its years since I looked) 
restricts them in arbitrarily taking action against resellers. In other 
words if they chop off supplies without a sound (legal) reason they leave 
themselves open to a court challenge, with the possibility of substantial 
damages awarded against them.

But - all is not lost - the rules after deregulation require resellers to 
be registered with auDA and we can safely assume that their requirements 
(for registration) will ban the ING/IRA/etc practices.

Peter Dean
Director - The Instra Group
Candidate for auDA director - Supply Section

At 11:56 AM 11/13/01 +1100, you wrote:
>ATTN: Chris D. and others....
>Thought you would like to know...
>I just received another friendly and informative letter from ING (Internet
>Name Group).
>(I will publish scanned images of letters later tonight)
>Headings Include (Quote)
>They seemed to be concerned about the following:
>1.  That my name was not also 'protected' in .com...
>2.  Someone may have contacted me about renewing my name and offering
>the duplicate of my name in .biz for free if I renew my name with the
>company in question.
>They also pointed out the following and very interesting details:
>Quote: It is not yet possible to register any .biz domain name.
>Hmm... Very Interesting.....
>My Questions:
>1.  When will I stop receiving letters from these annoying people ?
>2.  Why are they still channel partners (or so they claim) of Melb IT (INWW)
>The words in the two pages of 'crap' that I received is confusing and can
>deceive the common DNS un-educated person...
>(Sorry about the use of 'crap' but I think it is necessary in this case,
>this is the thrid letter I have recieved from ING)
>I will post a URL for the images of these letters later tonight...
>Kenneth Brownsmith
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