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Hi all,

Please note that Registrars Asia actually said it would *not* charge
registrars for names, but the $12 auDA fee which will apply to every
.au name would still be passed on to the registrar - and presumably, the

I've changed the story to clarify this - apologies for the misunderstanding.


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> * Well.. Registrars Asia is offering to do for free if they get
> all the registries... which I doubt would happen.. but it's a nice
> offer.
> Anyone know anything much about these guys?
> ...Skeeve
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> First .info, now .au
> Kate Mackenzie
> NOVEMBER 12, 2001  
> AN Australian company has teamed up with the American .info 
> operator in
> a bid to operate the .au registries.
> Melbourne-based Registrars Asia has joined forces with Afilias, which
> launched .info - the first of the new generic top-level 
> domains (gTLDs)
> - in September. 
> Registrars Asia, which has been an ICANN accredited registrar since
> September, expects Melbourne IT will be its main competitor. 
> The .au Domain Authority put the registries for,,
>,,, and out for 
> tender late
> last week. Companies could bid to run one, some or all of the
> second-level domains. 
> AuDA said it would not release details of bidders after today's 2pm
> deadline, but expected to make its decision by the end of the month. 
> The Afilias partnership would make Registrars Asia a serious contender
> against Melbourne IT. 
> Registrars Asia chief executive Simon Delzoppo said he was not certain
> whether Melbourne IT had bid for any of the registries. So far it has
> enjoyed a monopoly position as the only registrar of names,
> which account for about 90 per cent of all Australian domain names. 
> "We would assume, given their previous experience, that they would be
> bidding," Mr Delzoppo said. 
> Melbourne IT will be able to draw on similar experience from 
> its 10 per
> cent investment in NeuLevel, which runs the .biz registry. 
> Both Afilias and NeuLevel use the new Extensible Provisioning Protocol
> (EPP) standard, which auDA will require winning registries to use. EPP
> is used for communications between domain name registries and
> wholesalers/retailers, known as registrars. 
> Mr Delzoppo said if his company was successful, he hoped to double
> registrations within four years and expand the use of lesser
> known names such as (associations) and (personal). 
> Registrars Asia would continue to provide the non-profit names
> for free if it was successful in bidding for all registries. 
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