[DNS] Domains move inappropriate: Elz

[DNS] Domains move inappropriate: Elz

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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 18:20:19 +1100
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Domains move inappropriate: Elz
Kate Mackenzie
NOVEMBER 13, 2001  
AUSTRALIA'S media-shy internet pioneer Robert Elz says it would be
inappropriate for his authority over .org.au domain names to be removed,
although he conceded there was little he could to do prevent the
transfer going ahead.

Mr Elz broke his long silence on the transfer of .au to tell The
Australian IT that actions of the .au Domain Authority were not
appropriate, and such a move could invalidate all existing Australian
domain names. 
AuDA officially took control of the top-level .au space last month,
after it applied to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers when Mr Elz, the .au delegate since 1986, refused to consent to
the redelegation. 

Mr Elz, who has been in Thailand for several months, last week emailed
the media, auDA, and the National Office for the Information Economy,
saying .org.au was "not going to be any part of auDA's [near] future". 

When asked whether there would be any technical barriers to auDA taking
control of .org.au and .id.au once it controlled the top-level authority
over .au, Mr Elz replied, "technically, no". 

If auDA believed the delegation of .au to auDA meant the organisation
could then redelegate domains below that, such as .org.au, existing user
names such as australianIT.com.au could be deleted or pointed to other
servers, he said. "In exactly the same way, Melbourne IT could point
australianIT.com.au to any servers that it wants. If it did that - say,
pointed it at Fairfax servers - what do you expect the result would be?"
he said. 

"Or if I were to make liberal.org.au reference the ALP's servers (or
vice versa)? Lots of things can be done technically. That doesn't mean
they're appropriate." 

AuDA has not let the lack of agreement by Mr Elz slow its plans for a
new .au regime. Yesterday it closed tenders for aspirant registry
operators of most .au second-level domains, including .org.au and .id. 

AuDA chief executive Chris Disspain said AuDA had legal advice to the
effect that ICANN's redelegation of .au meant auDA could also take
control of .org.au and .id.au. 

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