[DNS] Nomination as auDA Director

[DNS] Nomination as auDA Director

From: Don Cameron <donc§mudgeeab.com.au>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:45:38 +1100

Please be advised that I no longer intend to stand as a candidate for the
position of a Demand Class auDA Director.

My reasons for this decision are a mix of the personal and philosophical,
however are closely tied to many of the recent comments made on the auDA
list. I realise now that I am not philosophically aligned to the concept of
full .au commercialisation, and should my candidacy be successful, I would
undoubtedly be placing myself in an untenable position were I subjected to
the requirements of the auDA Constitution.

I wish all list members, current and future auDA Directors, as well as the
broader Australian Internet community every success in achieving a fair and
equitable Australian Internet management regime. I also thank those who have
provided me with personal support and encouragement. Should anyone require
further information on my reasons for making this decision, please feel free
to contact me personally at donc&#167;mudgeeab.com.au

Yours Faithfully,

Don Cameron

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