Re: [DNS] Nomination as auDA Director

Re: [DNS] Nomination as auDA Director

From: Jeremy Malcolm <Jeremy§>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 23:08:52 +0800
Don Cameron wrote:
> My reasons for this decision are a mix of the personal and philosophical,
> however are closely tied to many of the recent comments made on the auDA
> list. I realise now that I am not philosophically aligned to the concept of
> full .au commercialisation, and should my candidacy be successful, I would
> undoubtedly be placing myself in an untenable position were I subjected to
> the requirements of the auDA Constitution.

I am very sorry to hear this.  In my view the auDA Constitution
certainly does not mandate the full and untrammelled commercialisation
of the .au ccTLD, it just might seem that way from the actions (and some
of the words) of auDA's incumbent administration.  It was not always so;
in January 1998 ADNA resolved that "the delegates for and
need to be formally invited to join ADNA, and to participate in the
process [of developing a new registry system]".  This seems to have
fallen by the wayside to some degree.

In my view auDA is binding its own hands unnecessarily and thereby
abrogating the responsibility to address important issues raised by
dissentient voices within the Internet community and even reportedly
within its own board.  It is notable that auDA itself required an
extension of time from the US Government to respond to its Green Paper
on the transfer of the au ccTLD (see but is
now denying the same latitude to groups such as APANA.

I do think you should reconsider withdrawing your nomination.  I think
it is important for the board to be as strong and representative as it
can be, since if it is ineffectual it will be unable to curb the
excesses of the consultants, lawyers and accountants who will otherwise
exercise effective control of the organisation, as evidenced by the
board's inability, reportedly against some members' inclinations, to
cause amendments to be effected to the tender documentation before

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