Re: [DNS] Nomination as auDA Director

Re: [DNS] Nomination as auDA Director

From: Ian Smith <smithi§>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 04:36:06 +1100 (EST)
On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Don Cameron wrote:

 > Please be advised that I no longer intend to stand as a candidate for the
 > position of a Demand Class auDA Director.

I am also sorry to hear this.  I agree entirely almost with Jeremy
Malcolm's observations, so won't rabbit on, except to add that 'evil
trimphs when good people do nothing'.

 > My reasons for this decision are a mix of the personal and philosophical,
 > however are closely tied to many of the recent comments made on the auDA
 > list. I realise now that I am not philosophically aligned to the concept of
 > full .au commercialisation, and should my candidacy be successful, I would
 > undoubtedly be placing myself in an untenable position were I subjected to
 > the requirements of the auDA Constitution.

I doubt the AuDA constitution yet forbids dissenting from views of the
overwhelmingly commercial push of the biggest, well-resourced players -
while quite appropriate to the dog-eat-dog ambience of that world - that
seems to have succeeded beyond even anyone's wildest dreams in taking
over the non-commercial internet as well, but suppose it might as well
if people like yourself feel so disempowered by it.

Naturally I wouldn't envy anyone from the 'community sector' in such an
environment, I'm sure it would be frustrating, hard work.  The way the
APANA tender - a terrific effort given the time available I must say -
was rejected for being a few hours late, and AuDA's quoted response to
Robert Elz' refusal to be so far forced out of his and
delegations shows clearly just what sort of front body AuDA has become.

The similarities with recent, not dissimilar, political and commercial
interference with the board and management of the ABC are obvious, as
are the likely consequences to the non-commercial internet community.

 > I wish all list members, current and future auDA Directors, as well as the
 > broader Australian Internet community every success in achieving a fair and
 > equitable Australian Internet management regime. I also thank those who have
 > provided me with personal support and encouragement. Should anyone require
 > further information on my reasons for making this decision, please feel free
 > to contact me personally at donc&#167;

I expect to Don, but meanwhile do hope you will reconsider withdrawing.

Cheers, Ian

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