Re: [DNS] Have IRA gone one lie too far?

Re: [DNS] Have IRA gone one lie too far?

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 22:46:04 +1100
Hi Ron,

Time and other constraints always seem to limit what can be covered in a
single E-mail (plus the always prevalent desire not to write an essay with
every message!) - however the AQIS model I presented as one example did
contain an extensive consultation period - and whilst I acknowledge the
efforts of auDA in this area, you are correct in suggesting that the .au
administration and industry self-regulation process is largely unknown about
outside of this select group, and that it has not been marketed to the
broader Internet community nearly as widely as it could have been (I
actually don't personally know anybody else who is aware of this) - whereas
Governments seem to be better at incorporating stakeholder input into policy
formulation, perhaps for no other reason than because it is Government -
people like to comment on issues to their elected representatives, and
Governments do have policies that ensure they properly advertise calls for
public comment (in newspapers etc.).

I concede that increased NOIE involvement may not be a workable alternative,
(although I think it may be), however like many people maybe I am clutching
at straws, although something has to be done, and if we don't air the issues
here it is unlikely that anything will - at least by discussing the issues
we may raise an awareness - I suspect that because many of our concerns do
not directly impact on (some) auDA members, that they are not being given a
high priority.

Rgds, Don

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