[DNS] Authorised registrar/reseller

[DNS] Authorised registrar/reseller

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§melbourneit.com.au>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:44:26 +1100
Hello Mark,
> Actually, the whole concept of "accredited re-sellers" seems 
> odd to me.  

You raise a good point.

The term "authorised" or "accredited" seems to have been misused of late -
particularly in marketing material.

In my view those companies that sell domain names to individuals or
companies are all "domain name retailers".

An "accredited registrar" is a domain name retailer that has been reviewed
by auDA as a company with expertise in the domain name registration area
(e.g knowledge of domain name policies), and has passed a technical test to
connect direct to the registry.  The accredited registrar then becomes
authorised to directly connect to the registry via a low level protocol, and
has access to the wholesale prices charged by the registry.   The accredited
registrar can display the auDA logo, and will be listed on the auDA website.

An "authorised reseller" of a particular registrar, has generally signed an
agreement with the registrar that incorporates business terms (e.g wholesale
price and when/how payment should be made), and has some sort of privileged
access to the IT systems of the registrar.  The registrar may provide
special IT services to the reseller that makes it easier/cheaper for the
reseller to provide domain name services (e.g information on what domain
names they have registered, access to many domain name registries). So the
"authority" is to connect to the registrar and get a wholesale price from
the registrar, it is not authority to engage in any particular business

As Mark has pointed out, there is no need for a domain name retailer to be
in either category.  They could simply purchase domain names on behalf of a
registrant using the normal retail domain name interface of an accredited
registrar or an authorised reseller of a particular accredited registrar.
Just as an accountant or lawyer provides business name or trademark

A simplified analogy in the automotive repair industry is that the RACV can
accredit repairers and allow them to display the RACV logo.  I assume these
repairs agree to a code of conduct developed by RACV.  RACV can also direct
business to these repairers by maintaining a list of accredited repairers.
If there are many complaints about a repairer the RACV will investigate and
may revoke the right to display the RACV name.   The repairer can still
operate as a car repairer, and the ACCC may take action if appropriate.

Bruce Tonkin

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