Re: [DNS] auDA web site

Re: [DNS] auDA web site

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:59:22 +1100
Hi all,

Firstly, thank you Chris for your responses. A degree of frustration has
been communicated in recent postings, and the courtesy and grace with which
you reply is welcomed and appreciated.

Like Ron I am not 'against' auDA in these matters, however there are obvious
challenges to be faced, and the continuance of repetitious themes outlining
the reasons why things cannot be done, sadly only gives rise to further
frustration - it's a vicious circle (the dreaded loop in a bad piece of
code), however one that will not be broken without open appraisal and
analysis of all the available options.

I have recently posted on the possibility of NOIE taking a more proactive
role in some of these issues, and noting your own comments to the effect
that you lack sufficient funding for managed advertising (of calls for
public comment etc.), and that you also lack the legislative basis to
enforce community protection policies, would it be a 'bad thing' to approach
NOIE for legislative assistance and input?

Another of the loops we seem to be stuck in involves the matter of volunteer
administration of .org and .asn etc. On one hand we are presented with the
argument that volunteers should not be offered these entities, because the
formalities of commercial tendering is paramount to competition, yet on the
other hand we are told that it is only through the voluntary 'good grace' of
ISP's that any of these other issues will be addressed. Can we really have
it both ways? - ISP's are quite entitled to charge for distributing auDA
correspondence, and understandably may well wish to do so considering their
own costs are likely to increase through implementation of the competitive
model (even though these cost will undoubtedly be passed-on to customers for
items such as domains etc.).

In closing, I forwarded a posting a few days ago requesting information on
auDA's long-term marketing strategies and the vision for the .au namespace.
Accepting the Competition Advisory Panel's findings were undoubtedly subject
to a brief during which this was discussed, is such a document available? -
If possible I would like to get an overview of where we are heading, so some
of these administrative matters can be assessed in the context of exactly
what it is we are trying to achieve.

Regards, Don

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