Re: [DNS] Code of conduct

Re: [DNS] Code of conduct

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:58:20 +1100
On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 15:27:44 +1100, Colin Read wrote:

> If have a sales office that is not performing I close it.
> If I have a vehicle that is constantly causing trouble I get rid of it.
> If this industry has a constant problem with re-sellers then get rid of
> them.

Hi Colin

It's much easier being a business person than a politician.  And I'm not
actually sure that you would do that anyway.

Let's say you are the NSW Minister for Education and you have a hundred
highschools around the State.  Let's say there's one in a disadvantaged
suburb like Mount Druitt.  Give it a thousand students and a couple of
hundred dedicated teachers.  Oh, and a school building and grounds built at
great expense including a gymnasium, library and swimming pool etc.

"Excuse me, Minister, Mount Druitt High School is underperforming . . ."
"Don't bother me, Jeeves, you know my views.  Close it down immediately !!".

No, Colin, I don't think you would do that.  Even in your world.  You would
check out your sales office to find out why it is not performing.  Maybe the
boss is sexually harassing the sales girls.  Maybe your product is an out of
date "steam toaster".  Maybe there's a motorway, train station or project
home site being built right nearby but you need to wait a while.  Etc, etc.


> As for a code of practice, well we would not need one and all of our time
> could be spent on making our own respective businesses operate better.

If more Christians truly believed in, and practised, "love thy neighbour" we
wouldn't have any sort of conflict in the world.  The fact is we need laws
and wars.

Patrick Corliss

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