Re: [DNS] auDA web site

Re: [DNS] auDA web site

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 19:11:36 +1100
Hi Ron

Thoughtful posting.  Thank you.

Patrick Corliss

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> Chris et al,
> We're still left with a fundamental challenge.  A web link / emailed
> to clients pre-supposes that they ARE clients already.  What about those
> potential registrants - in the majority - who are not yet clients?  I
> that they would visit registrars' or resellers' sites to check on their
> rights or to hunt down consumer alerts.
> And what about those potential clients who visit IRA's site, get a
> yet deceptive picture?  Will they be warned or suitably informed?
> All this, and the flurry of postings, lead me to the following
> 1 We obviously cannot second-guess what tricks some businesses will
> get up to, and to try to pre-empt every possibility would lead, as Mark
> Hughes suggested in his post (and Chris Disspain in the last public
> to the mother of all bureaucracies.  What's more important is to retain
> sufficient power and flexibility to deal with such matters should they
> arise.  And such may well entail a technical solution.
> 2 Consumer education has to be multi-faceted.  There is no single
> solution, nor is there an instant solution.  I believe that it will entail
> effort from auDA, registrars and resellers, each in their own spheres of
> influence.  We must, however, be and be seen to be proactive.
> 3 The Code of Conduct (or Practice, as the case may be) will be
> central, as it provides a means of measurement as well as a basis of
> recourse for consumers and providers.
> 4 auDA needs to be positioned as the point of last resort, before ACCC
> / legal action, so that consumers feel they can go to a higher authority,
> it were.  This alone dictates that auDA cannot "do it all".
> Now I've got work to do .....
> Ron Stark

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