Re: [DNS]

Re: [DNS]

From: Adrian Chadd <adrian§>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 11:36:48 +0800
On Tue, Nov 27, 2001, Support wrote:
> Ok lets get to .au policy!
> How can a .au domain be allowed to go of line for like most of a whole day?
> What would happend if went ofline for like 1 hour let alone since
> very early this morning?
> auDA is charging a Lic fee to of $X so there is now a FEE of $88
> dollars for a! We now have a FEE for Service but since very early
> this morning! NO SERVICE! I tell you one thing this list would go nuts it
> went down!
> Who would you try to get answers from! the registrar has not
> either posted details on website or even responded to requests for info!
> Then the next place is auDA who is the next in line! and that is on this
> list!

I agree. But hey.. I'd rather they fixed the problem first before
telling us in depth what the actual problem _was_. At least we got
an email (from Chris, rather than a representative, but
thats more than enough for me at least) saying that there were issues,
and when they were resolved.

I'm expecting some form of explanation as to what happened, but more
out of curiousity's sake. That way, the registry operators (whomever
they become) can learn from the problems that occured today.

Its not like .com/.net/.org/.etc don't lose domains periodically
(or at least have done so quite noticeably in the past..)

my 2c,


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