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RE: [DNS] thread.119

From: - Jason <Jason§>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:47:52 +1000
> > The DOT TV corp sell generic names for $100,000 US to Millions.
> No, they don't.  In the days of the dot-com boom people paid all sorts of
> money for all sorts of worthless things - including generic domain names.
> They don't do that any more.  To see the real value of domain names its
> worth cruising sites like to see how little value domain
> names - even the occasional quite generic ones - actually have.
> I wouldn't care if generic names WERE valuable - what I object to
> is all the
> unsubstantiated claims about how sacred generic names are, and how auDA
> should do this and do that and how those names should be for
> 'community use'
> or for 'something else' when there is no objective evidence (as different
> from 'belief') to support those claims.
> The idea that generic names are somehow more valuable than
> non-generic names
> is a belief for which there is absolutely zero objective evidence.
> Regards, Mark

Generic names offer some value. What if a person owns a boat shop. He wants
to offer Information on his area and boating activates so he choses the name The person owning the boat shop may only operate in the one
area so he would use as a start. The reason
he uses his place name and not his business name is that he wishes to
attract his customers by offering valuable information as part of his

As his business expands along he has the opportunity to grow his web
presence along with his business. He can use sub domains like Saving the registration off the extra domain names
( ect.). If the generic name gives you the opportunity to
save money down the track and offers the business owner a meaningful and
easy to remember domain name it has to be off some value.

This theory could work for a lot off generics, I think.

So Mark, There will never again be a .com or dot something boom!
Only time will tell.

I thought domain names at for were overpriced and of little
value as well. The real fun is the appraisal section to see real overpricing
off domain names.

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