RE: [DNS] Is auDA auctioning non-transferable or transferable domain name licences?

RE: [DNS] Is auDA auctioning non-transferable or transferable domain name licences?

From: Jason Parsons <Jason§>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 23:48:52 +1000  what a bargin? NOT!
On Sale.
check it out at .

WhoIS Details
    Object-Type: DOMAIN
    Organization-ACN: None given
    Reg-Bus-Number: U5690322 (NSW)
    Organization-Postal: PO BOX 749 TERRIGAL NSW 2260
    Organization-Country-Code: AU
    Admin-Contact: Michael Steer  (MS531-AU)
    Tech-Contact: Michael Steer  (MS531-AU)
    Handle: COAST-COM-AU-DOM
    Created: 17-Feb-98
    Updated: 17-Feb-98

Appears to be a business name registered with sole purpose off selling
domain name.

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> domain name licences?
> At 09:41 AM 25/01/2002 +1100, Ian Johnston wrote:
> >The question of whether domain name licences are transferable or
> >non-transferable is an important one, particularly for those bidding at
> >auction.
> >
> >Under the current scheme a licence to use a domain name cannot be
> >transferred or sold to another party.   Licence terms and
> conditions state
> >that the domain name may not be sold, lent or used by any party
> other than
> >the licensee, and the domain name may not be transferred from
> the licensee
> >to another party.
> If you've registered a business or company name corresponding to
> the domain
> name, you
> just sell the business, not the domain name. When the only asset of the
> business
> is the domain name, that's not difficult. Doing it this way has
> the virtue that
> the connection between the business name and the domain name
> remains the same.
> Anyway, at least in July 2000, Melbourne IT had a "Termination
> and Reapply"
> form they issued which asked them to deregister the name and
> re-register it to
> somebody else. In theory there's a period in between when
> somebody else could
> ask for it; in practice that period is short so it's a de facto transfer.
> I don't know if the "Termination and Reapply" form is still in use or not.
> Cheers
> Paul Foxworthy
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