RE: [DNS] amazing !

RE: [DNS] amazing !

From: Michael R. Lambert <michael§>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 10:51:37 +1100
I think these so called "registries" are ripping people off.

If you read the information it only works for people who install a
plug-in into their browser, or people who add the name server run by
"TLD Networks" to their list of root servers.

From what I can tell ICANN has no plans to approve this as a new gTLD,
so I seriously doubt it's worth $US5, let alone $US59 a year.

TLD Networks also runs a number of other unapproved TLDs.  I believe
this could lead to a number of problems.  Lets say ICANN does decide to
create a .SEX gTLD, and as with .BIZ .INFO etc it goes to tender.  It is
quite possible that someone other than TLD Networks will win the tender.
What happens to all those organisations that have paid $US59 for the
years access?  Also, what will happen with people who have the browser
plug-in installed?

I guess you can see where I'm heading with this email, so I'll leave it
there and let you decide if it's really worth paying money for a service
that is run by a purely commercial organisation and has no real support
from the Internet Community.


Michael Lambert
RegistrarsAsia P/L

*** These views are my own and have no company endorsement. ***

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wohooo, what do you guys think ?


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